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Why Training

Visual analytics & Tableau learning solutions for all.

With free written content, on-demand video tutorials, and in-person courses provided in several different formats, Playfair Data offers a true blended learning environment for analysts of all skill levels.

If you are just getting started with your Tableau training journey, take advantage of our Fundamentals blog category or recorded Cornerstone module. If you are more experienced, you will find value in the advanced approaches we have been developing for more than a decade.

Level up your Tableau skills.

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Playfair Data’s training ecosystem has helped thousands of Tableau authors level up their visual analytics skills.

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How it works

Level up your Tableau skills.

We think of our learning environment as an escalator.

Level up your Tableau skills with Playfair Data
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Any analyst is welcome to read all written content for free – forever. You can even subscribe to a weekly newsletter to be the first to know when new content is released.

When you are ready for more context, strategy, storytelling, and additional resources, you can become a member of our on-demand Tableau eLearning platform, Playfair+.

Then if you want to tie it all together with hands-on practice and personalized instruction, you can attend one of our live Tableau training workshops.


Meet Playfair Data’s Authors

Ryan Sleeper

Ryan has authored hundreds of written and video tutorials about Tableau engineering, design, and visual analytics strategy. Read Bio >

Alyssa Huff

Brilliant bullet graphs? Expanding donut charts – what?! Alyssa's work bridges the gap between design and engineering.

Dan Bunker

Dan has a passion for using his creative, analytical, and interpersonal skills to help organizations make informed decisions through data visualizations. Dan holds an undergraduate degree in Finance from Benedictine College and is currently pursuing a Master in Data Analytics from Rockhurst University.

Jason Penrod

Jason is Playfair's Director of Information Design and writes about design, user experience, and user interfaces.

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