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Two Ways to Make Dynamic Slope Graphs in Tableau


Ryan Sleeper

Reveal hidden insights in line graphs by using slope graphs Learn the benefit of slope graphs, a simple formula for…

Two Ways to Dynamically Display the Top N vs Other in Tableau


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A tactic for improving the focus of an analysis Reduce the cognitive load on your end users and focus on…

Triple Crown Framework for Data Visualization: Psychology


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Use Psychological Schemas to Help Your Audience Process Your Visualization Ryan explains psychological schemas and shows you how to tap…

The Easy Way to Make Rounded Gantt Charts in Tableau


Ryan Sleeper

Make Project Plans More Engaging with One Simple Trick Ryan shows you how to: (1) make a traditional Gantt chart…

How to Use Tableau’s MAKEPOINT and MAKELINE Functions


Ryan Sleeper

How to make hub and spoke maps to connect locations Hub and spoke maps are a great choice for visualizing…

How to Use Tableau Sets to Create Relative Date Filters


Ryan Sleeper

An easier solution for filtering to a relative date range Default date filters in Tableau have (1) limited and static…

How to Use Parameter Actions to Change Date Parts in Tableau


Ryan Sleeper

Conveniently change line graphs between days / weeks / months Make your line graphs more useful by allowing your audience…

How to Use Measure Names in Tableau Calculated Fields


Ryan Sleeper

Improve your users’ experience by integrating measure names in calculations The introduction of parameter actions in Tableau 2019.2 has allowed…

How to Use LOD Expressions to Create Benchmarks


Ryan Sleeper

Harness the power of level of detail calculations to create comparisons Learn how to use the FIXED and EXCLUDE level…